Monday, September 20, 2010

Advantages of A.C. over D.C. / Why generation is done in A.C.

Electric energy is generated and used is AC because it offers much advantages then DC. The few are listed below:-

  1.  AC can be generated at high voltages, but DC cannot be generated at high voltages because sparking starts at the commutator at high voltage, due to which commutator gets damaged.
  2. High voltages AC generators are much simpler and cheaper than DC generators of the same range. It is because in AC  generators there i no commutator which is costly part and is damaged. 
  3. Alternating current can be stepped up or stepped down with a static device  called transformer. When voltages is stepped up current decreases to a small value. Small current produces less heat and can be transmitted through a thin conductor.Thus it is possible to transmit AC at high voltages. This reduces the size of conductor, transmission losses ans increases transmission efficiency. At the receiving station, voltages can be stepped down to the required value by using step down transformer. This is most important reason for generating and using electrical energy as AC.
  4. A.C. induction motors are simplest in construction, cheaper in cot and require less maintenance whereas D.C. motors are complicated.


  1. for ur kind info A DC generator does not exist.

    1. why ? who said to u they didnt exists ??

    2. i agree with u called DC generator also produces AC insite it but with a COMMUTATOR (a mechanical rectifier) converts AC into DC......when we say DC GENERATOR it includes COMMUTATOR inside it .....and gives output as DC

    3. fpr ur kind info ur gone mad.....

    4. We learn about DC generator in 10th class.

  2. they do exist...dc genrators have commutators and ac generators or alternators have slip rings.